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366.25 Coins0.26634039 TRX FaucetPay13 Jul 2024 - 01:10
4,586.00 Coins4.18579604 DOGE FaucetPay06 Jul 2024 - 15:58
1,000.00 Coins0.00445038 DASH FaucetPay05 Jul 2024 - 21:58
25.50 Coins0.00004346 LTC FaucetPay05 Jul 2024 - 06:35
165.42 Coins0.00028195 LTC FaucetPay05 Jul 2024 - 06:35
5.20 Coins0.00002300 DASH FaucetPay04 Jul 2024 - 22:53
5.20 Coins0.00002300 DASH FaucetPay04 Jul 2024 - 22:52
5.20 Coins0.00002300 DASH FaucetPay04 Jul 2024 - 22:51
5.20 Coins0.00002295 DASH FaucetPay04 Jul 2024 - 22:50
5.20 Coins0.00002295 DASH FaucetPay04 Jul 2024 - 22:49

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Frequently Asked Questions

Nevcoins is a digital platform to learn about the cryptocurrencies and you can win a little amount of satoshis for only click, sign up and start here
Yes, our platform is safe and your passwords are hashed. We use a robust protection system, however, security depends on your settings too! Use a strong and UNIQUE password, you can protect your account with 2FA (Two Factor Authentication). your data info not share with another people.
Coins are an internal currency rewarded to you after every completed activity which can be withdrawn into your favorite cryptocurrency!
1. Paid to click - its start point, very easy daily task! Only click on green button, wait, complete captcha and thats all!
2. Faucet - you can claim every 5 minutes - only click on button, fill captcha, confirm via button and you will earn reward.
3. Offers/Surveys - every day you can earn reward from offerwalls. Follow instructions and read rules under every offer. Rate for offerwalls is 5 credits = 1 Coin.
4. Shortlinks - every 24 hours you can earn from shortlinks. Shortlinks often containt redirects, adult ads, popups and fake links. You must fill captcha, click on right button and you will receive your reward.
5. Affiliate program - share your referral link with your friends and earn up to 20% commision from their faucet claims, shortlinks and completed offerwalls!
With 2FA you can keep your account safe by adding an extra security step. If you enable 2FA, you will have to complete a PIN generated on your mobile device every time you log in on the website.

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Space Token


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